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Welcome to Boboli!

Buono come il pane, as the Italians would say. Bread makes the meal. Focaccia, calzone, stromboli: your customers are hungry for new flavours and experiences. Traditionally and lovingly prepared using only the best ingredients. Boboli brings you and your customers the true taste of Italy.

Boboli has been baking a wide range of Mediterranean breads since 1998, and supplies all of Europe and further afield. From our professional and traditional bakeries, these great tasting breads and hot eating snacks can be found in supermarkets, restaurants, coffee shops, cafes, petrol stations and on airlines.

From a complete bread based meal to a savoury snack. For your fridge, freezer or in-store bakery. Under our Boboli brand name or as a private label product. Boboli is always buon appetito!


Would you like to try our mouth-watering products? Boboli will be pleased to visit you!